2011 for Noodlewerk

Looking back at 2011, we are very proud. We expanded the team and got some talented new developers and designers. We made dozens of new iPhone, iPad and Android apps. We gave a design talk at the BNO in Amsterdam, we started Appsterdam Delft together with Innovattic, we did a tech talk at a Cocoa Heads meeting and presented our work at other various events.

This year was the year of the iPad. One of the highlights is “Money and Speed”, one of the iPad apps we made with the VPRO, which has won the Dutch Design Award in Eindhoven.

We made iPad versions of Uitzending Gemist, Radio apps and Z@ppelin for the Publieke Omroep (NPO). Digidentity will release a really nice iPad app for digitally signing documents and Raet has now an iPad version for their Netto app.

Another surprise was that we were nominated for being the developer of the year and our app Uitzending Gemist was nominated for best app of the year at the onemorething Awards 2011.

In 2011 we got the chance to work with companies like Consumentenbond, Raet, Digidentity, Troostwijk, Greenwheels and the Good and Green Guides. Not only did we make new mobile apps for those companies. We continued making apps for the NPO, VPRO and Parkmobile. And of course we should not forget the Android versions we made of Uitzending Gemist, Luisterpaal, Film it Yourself, Radio apps, Parkmobile and Park-line which all came out this year.

We will keep on developing and designing the best apps possible for all the great services our clients provide!

The Noodlewerk Team